“Green Parking” in Action

As Tropical Storm Andrea rushed up the coast Friday and dumped almost 3 inches of rain on Philadelphia within 24 hours, I was able to observe a new green parking lot in action.… Continue reading

Implementation Innovation

Not only is the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) pursuing innovative and green stormwater management techniques and tools, but they are also thinking outside-of-the-box and coming up with innovative implementation techniques that gather community… Continue reading

Disaster Movie Week

This weekend Earthquake happened to be on TV again so I decided to pull this blog out of the archives to share with you. Originally published on The RAPPS Blog on July 7, 2011 Retroplex is… Continue reading

Are We Designing Parks for People?

We should be! The latest plan for Philadelphia’s unique Benjamin  Franklin Parkway takes a new approach to thinking about how [different!] people use our public spaces. Read the full plan here.

2013: Could It Be the Year of the Parklet?

I reported last year on MOTU’s (the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities) efforts to promote parklet development across Philadelphia… well they are at it again. Six parklets were developed in 2012 through… Continue reading

Philadelphia Gets Some Much Deserved Attention from the APA

Philadelphia has been getting some much deserved attention in the planning world the last few weeks both in terms of planning process and planning places. The American Planning Association (APA) released their list… Continue reading

Where Would Philadelphia Be without CDCs?

A recent publication from the Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations (PACDC) got me thinking: where would Philadelphia be without its CDCs (Community Development Corporations)? And the answer, $3.3 billion poorer. This short… Continue reading

Creekside Co-op: The Newest Member of the Family

Food Cooperatives (Co-ops) are popping up everywhere in Philly but this is the first co-op that I have heard of that has successfully started in the Phila Suburbs (but it’s not surprising that… Continue reading

San Francisco: Policy on the Forefront

I recently stumbled upon San Francisco’s collection of progressive policies and city resolutions committing this City of over 800,000 people to a unique collection of strong environmental and social policies placing San Francisco… Continue reading

Philadelphia: Design Au Naturel

You don’t need a festival to find great design in Philadelphia. Here are a few examples from my collection.