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How to Combat West Nile – the Green Way?

Sometimes I wonder why I bother to read the news… last week I read about a medical study that found that the West Nile Virus can slowly destroy your kidneys even if you… Continue reading

Scoop That Poop!

Scoop That Poop! It’s that simple. As harmless and “natural” as it may seem, your dog’s poop, if gone unchecked can cause serious problems for your local waterways, even if it’s just in… Continue reading

What Lies Beneath

Green stormwater management (slow it down… soak it in) fascinates me in general with its applications for art, education and fun but its ability to help older cities address problems that arise from… Continue reading

My Ten Favorite SMPs

Knowing myself as I do I find it highly likely that this website will end up talking a lot about green stormwater management with a focus on the innovations in Philadelphia. So I’m going to… Continue reading